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Top 3 Reasons to Boost Your Wellbeing Outdoors

May 26, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


Even the longer, warmer days of spring aren’t immune to hectic schedules and long lists of must-do personal and professional items. Fortunately, as the weather changes and the days lengthen, we have an extraordinary opportunity to simply go outside to slow things down and get grounded. Connection with the natural world is hugely beneficial in terms of helping us manage our stress levels, bring our lives back into balance, and care for our mental and physical well-being.

Here are my top 3 reasons why getting outside this spring will boost your performance!

1. It Shifts Your Perspective

Enjoying the outdoors and reconnecting with the natural world is a powerful way to change your perspective and lower stress levels.  Many of us spend a lot of time in our heads focused on our thoughts, to do lists, and problems that need solving. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to take a break and step back by focusing on something that gets us out of our heads and back into our bodies. This allows us to tap into something greater than ourselves and not only provides a sense of satisfaction, but it also allows us to switch into more of a “being” versus “doing” mode. Gardening is a perfect example of an activity that allows you to experience this – it is meditation in motion. While your body is busy working on a task, your mind quiets itself and you begin to focus on simply enjoying the present moment.

2. It Resets Your Body

Spending time outdoors basking in the sunlight and fresh air can help reset your circadian rhythms – in essence your “body clock.” A powerful way to do this is to get a minimum of 15 minutes of direct sun a day and to explore walking barefoot in a grassy area. In a modern society where we live in cities surrounded by buildings, concrete sidewalks, and wear shoes all day – it’s easy to understand how we have lost some of our key physical connections to the natural world.  The more you spend time outside the more quickly you will reset your body, feel happier and more balanced.

3. It Adds Color to Your Life

Eating fresh local organic produce is one of the most powerful tools to help you regain your health and maximize your vitality. Planting your own vegetable garden is a wonderful way to eat directly from the source and to reconnect with all of the healing power that nature has to offer. Even if a home garden won’t work this year, explore adding color to all of your meals. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables from every part of the color spectrum – the more color you add, the more complete the nutritional profile of the foods you will be eating.  Also, take pleasure in gracing your home and table with fresh flowers. Allow your imagination to embellish as you create a sanctuary for yourself and those around you.

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Here’s to boosting your performance via the great outdoors this spring!

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