“Ever since I met Sylvaine, she has been a calm and healing presence in my life — first as a colleague, then as a friend, and now as a holistic health coach.  She has taught me how everything in our lives, from what we eat to the environment we live in, to the quality of our relationships, has a direct impact on our health and well-being.  She has helped guide me when I’m sick, or just not feeling like my true self, to heal and restore my mind and body back to vitality and wellness.  I feel blessed to have her guidance and wisdom help me live my best life — right here, right now.”

Caroline Christopher – SVP & Executive Producer, Storyville Entertainment, Inc.

“I just finished Sylvaine’s 15 Day Reboot & Detox program as a way to give myself an extra boost and found it to be a very beneficial and positive experience on all levels.  Sylvaine is very knowledgeable about food, its effect on the body, and potential symptoms of toxicity.  In just two weeks, my energy levels are more consistent, my thinking is clearer, and my skin tone has improved.  If you are looking for an eminently do-able, highly supportive, detox experience that is tailored to your needs and gets results – this is the one for you.”

Amy Gillenson, CPCC – Professional Life Coach & Philanthropic Consultant

“I have been working with Sylvaine for nine months now and in that time, I have been able to fundamentally change how I live each day in a way that has made my life much more meaningful and exciting. From changing my diet and eating habits, to significantly improving my sleep, to achieving meaningful exercise five days a week, I have been able to reconnect with a much healthier, happier, and wiser version of myself. […] Thank you, Sylvaine, for all that you have taught me.”

Andrew H. – Finance Executive – London, UK

“Sylvaine helps me feel safe whether it is in talking about personal issues or confronting difficult topics that surface during our conversations.  I always come away from our talks having learned important information that is intelligent and practical.  On several occasions Sylvaine has recommended products or supplements that are of the highest quality and that I find have enhanced my health.  Our work together is time that I look forward to and cherish deeply.”

Norman Christiansen, Ed.D – Wellness Executive & Personal Trainer

“With Sylvaine’s coaching I have gained professional perspective and taken ownership of my overall wellness.  This combo has allowed me to perform at a much higher level both personally and professionally.”

Courtney Harris – Senior Brand Manager & Copywriter