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Steps to Thrive During Phases of Transition

September 15, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


Leaving your comfort zone behind and transitioning from the known into the unknown can bring up feelings of fear and even anxiety. This reaction is completely normal and is actually hardwired into each of us. Humans are naturally drawn to situations and tasks that we perceive as predictable and with outcomes we feel confident about. While this internal alarm helps keep us safe in dangerous situations, it does not benefit us in the same way when we’re trying to take on a new challenge or begin to up-level a specific area of our life. In fact, this reaction to change or transition can actually prove detrimental and keep us in behavioral patterns that no longer serve us or prohibit us from expanding and living up to our full potential.

However, as with most machines, there are techniques to work around our brain’s natural wiring. The next time you’re stepping into unfamiliar territory, try this process to outsmart your mind and instead put yourself on the path toward expansion and growth.

1. Notice Your Little Red Flags

Now that you’re aware of what your brain is doing and why, you’re better able to recognize when it starts to slip into fear mode. Be sure to pay close attention to your emotions and reactions when you’re initiating change in your life. Living in a state of flux, large or small, can be alarming to our sense of safety and belonging – two basic human needs. Simply being aware of the possibility of this reaction can help you take the next step in your journey rather than turning back and continuing your life in the safe zone. It’s good to become aware of these little red flags that signal you’re being emotionally triggered in the moment by your current circumstances – stay the course, this too shall pass.

2. Face Your Fear Head On

Once you recognize that fear is playing a part in your transition, it’s important to try to get to the heart of the matter and understand exactly what is causing your fear to rise to the surface. Asking yourself some key questions can help you “bottom-line” what’s coming up for you and why. Here are a few to help get you started: Are your fears legitimate or are they assumed?  Is the intensity of your fear directly proportional to the degree of change you are looking to make? If you are able to overcome these fears – how will your life shift powerfully as a result?

3. Release Your Fears

Often simply paying attention to your concerns and worries will help them begin to dissipate on their own. However, if your fear persists, make a conscious decision to release it. While you may not be able to “change” it, you can acknowledge it and move forward any way. It’s important to remember that your fear is part of your innate survival instinct and may or may not be relevant to your modern day existence and present day choices. See your fear for what it is, release it and free yourself to take the next step toward your own evolution. ­­

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Here’s to thriving during phases of transition!

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