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Break Free From Self-Limiting Patterns

January 19, 2017 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


Life is made up of a series of patterns – from weather and seasonal to traffic and behavioral – we are immersed in them. Personally and professionally, they can influence how we behave, affect the decisions we make and dictate how we speak to ourselves and others. Some patterns move us closer to our goals while others hinder our progression.

Think about your own life – can you identify any repetitive behaviors that aren’t serving your greater purpose or that are, perhaps, holding you back? Here are three of my favorite steps to help you make a conscious shift and break free from your limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns.

1. Recognize Your Patterns

Life can often seem like an overwhelming jigsaw puzzle. Despite having all of the pieces, we still can’t make them fit together in the “right” order to reveal the image we expect, or more importantly, desire. Recognizing the patterns that hinder our fullest, most positive expression of ourselves is sometimes like seeing the forest through the trees. Some patterns are so ingrained in who we are, they can be extremely challenging to shift or release. Take a moment and consider instances in your life where things didn’t go the way you planned despite having put forth your best effort. Now think of a few more examples – mentally walk through each situation from beginning to end.  Is there something you did or didn’t do each time? Consider mapping out each experience – what you thought the outcome would be, what actually happened, and any behavioral patterns you see in yourself. Is there a pattern?

2. Create a Meaningful Mindset

We all know that going into a situation expecting it to fail will often result in exactly that – a failure. The same is true with patterns and mindset. Our mindset can become a pattern of its own. Now that you’ve identified areas of your life where repetitive behaviors have inhibited your success or happiness, try recognizing and changing your outlook around these outcomes. Instead of relying on an existing mindset, remain open and recognize that life doesn’t always go as planned. Inviting in new possibility can be very liberating and allow healthier and more constructive patterns to emerge and be adopted.

3. Reframe Your Story

Now that you’re aware of your limiting patterns and the mindset that fuels them, it’s time to notice your self-talk and how you present yourself to the world. How we frame our story is often driven by the outcomes of our life’s patterns. For instance – if our behaviors have consistently resulted in negative experiences, we may likely begin framing our story as one of failure or misfortune. Consider how your self-dialogue changes when your patterns shift – how does this new perspective help you reconsider what’s possible for you and how to best achieve it?

With this new awareness and understanding you are better positioned to more powerfully pursue deeper purpose and achieve greater satisfaction in your life. You’ve recognized limiting patterns, altered your mindset and have begun to reframe your story – now you’re primed to release them and create the breakthrough you desire!


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Here’s to breaking free from self-limiting patterns in your life!

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An Executive Health & Lifestyle Coach®, Sylvaine N. Hughson, is the Founder and Director of SNH – The Art & Science of Optimized Living®. As the Principal Coach and Consultant for SNH, Sylvaine works closely with high-level professionals, performance-driven groups, and Fortune 500 companies.  She helps her clients unleash the power of optimized mindset, wellness & lifestyle to fuel their peak performance and accomplish their most important goals.

She is certified as a Corporate Wellness Consultant, Corporate Wellness Provider, Holistic Health Coach, Master Transformational Coach, Raw Living Foods Health Educator, FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator, Professional Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Traditional Reiki Master.

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