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Navigate Change Gracefully

March 23, 2017 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


Whether planned or unplanned, change is a natural part of our personal and professional lives. That being said, life’s transitions can sometimes sneak up on us. Positive or negative, the key to navigating what we’re presented with is being prepared – below are three powerful tools for managing life’s changes gracefully.

1. Process at Your Own Pace

From a new professional opportunity, to losing a loved one or ending a relationship, change is inevitable. Life transitions can be perceived in two lights – either as a positive or negative.  Undesired changes can leave us feeling unsettled and as though the ground is significantly shifting beneath our feet. Positive changes, on the other hand, can occasionally make us feel undeserving and unsure about how to proceed. Regardless of the type of shift you’re experiencing, give yourself permission to take time and process how this transition makes you feel. In today’s hectic 24/7 world, this may seem like a big ask – however, giving yourself time is key to developing acceptance and to moving forward as gracefully as possible.

2. Seek Support

Sometimes we have a suspicion that change is on the way – whether we hear talk at work about a potential shift in staffing or we feel a relationship begin to wane.  If you sense change is around the corner, proactively take steps to mitigate the stress you may experience. If no warning is given, then trying to “handle” the situation all on your own may feel overwhelming and asking for additional support is highly recommended.  Keep in mind that everyone around you – friends, family, and co-workers have all gone through significant changes in their own lives. While it may initially feel uncomfortable asking for help – it may be the difference between weathering an unexpected change with grace and feeling empowered versus barely making it through in one piece.

3. Take Ownership

Many of life’s changes occur so gradually that we fail to even notice them. The big shifts, however, can throw us off our game and leave us feeling shaken and unsure of the next step. When this happens, it can be tempting to shirk responsibility for our actions and fall prey to victim mentality.  It’s important to recognize that even though you may be experiencing an unexpected change of direction in your life, you still technically have control of your thoughts and reactions – you get to choose how you move forward from here.

While welcoming significant life transitions with open arms may never become second nature – learning the skills to help you navigate change gracefully can keep you squarely in the driver’s seat of your life.

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Here’s to navigating change gracefully!

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An Executive Health & Lifestyle Coach®, Sylvaine N. Hughson, is the Founder and Director of SNH – The Art & Science of Optimized Living®. As the Principal Coach and Consultant for SNH, Sylvaine works closely with high-level professionals, performance-driven groups, and Fortune 500 companies.  She helps her clients unleash the power of optimized mindset, wellness & lifestyle to fuel their peak performance and accomplish their most important goals.

She is certified as a Corporate Wellness Consultant, Corporate Wellness Provider, Holistic Health Coach, Master Transformational Coach, Raw Living Foods Health Educator, FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator, Professional Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Traditional Reiki Master.

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