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3 Tips to Thrive with Ease… As a Woman

March 4, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


Many of us proudly think of ourselves as highly accomplished women who can make pretty much anything happen given sufficient notice.  Whether it’s in the professional arena or on a personal level, we have trained ourselves over time to become superwomen.  We smile and remain pleasant as we bend over backwards and make the impossible a reality – need to pick up the kids as the last minute? No problem… Suddenly need to work longer hours at the office for an unexpected deadline? No problem… Somewhere in the midst of all of the running around and superhuman endeavors, we lose some of the natural feminine beauty, mystique, and inner joy that we were born with.  As a woman who has been down this path, I want to share with you three essential tips to help you thrive, avoid burnout, and reclaim your happiness.

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1. Nourish Yourself Deeply

One of my top Peak Performance secrets for my female clients is that the key to our success lies in matching the intensity of our endeavors with an equal proportion of play, self-care, and nourishment. As women we are physiologically and emotionally “wired” very differently from men – it is time that we come to realize and accept that we have our own unique set of care instructions. This is not a disadvantage or something to be disappointed about – instead it is an incredible opportunity to soar to new heights and to unleash our true potential. Ladies, please understand this – there is no faster way for you as a woman to burnout than to “push” through your days. Sometimes intense bursts of concentrated effort are required, but time for rest and play is then necessary. Create a smattering of enjoyable experiences throughout your day and week that replenish you. Perhaps you enjoy dancing tango, going to the gym, attending a yoga class, reading a great book, or catching up with friends.  All of these activities and so many more will allow you to thrive on a daily basis and feel energized, enthusiastic, and deeply engaged in your life. 

2. Tap Into Your Desires

There is a powerful antidote to the superwoman syndrome – it’s called tapping into our desires. As our inner light dims, we start to feel weary and at some point we begin to become angry, frustrated, bitter, resentful – and sometimes we let this build up until it all comes tumbling out… Spending time rediscovering what nourishes us on a soul level, fuels our spirit, and ignites our dreams – can powerfully recharge and refocus us in ways that nothing else can.  Start by spending some time asking yourself – Who was I before I developed my superpowers? What did that girl or woman want? Crave? Desire? What made her smile or laugh or feel deeply alive? In these simple yet enlightening questions lies the key to finding the path back to your self.

3. Create Powerful Connections

Lastly I am going to share a deceptively simple yet life-changing secret with you.  As women, we thrive on the three C’s: connection, community, and collaboration.  Very often what has been modeled for us in the “real world” is an unhealthy scenario of competition amongst women – we perceive each other as a potentially dangerous threat.  Since we sometimes grow up learning that we can’t always trust each other as peers, let alone champions or mentors, we begin to function in a silo and end up suffering in silence while still trying to forge ahead on our own, without a nurturing community of equally strong and inspirational women.  Here is the wonderful news – it absolutely does not have to be this way!  Seek out communities of like-minded women who resonate with your truth and claim them as your tribe – I guarantee that your life will be deeply enriched because of it and true magic will happen! 

Here’s to living an Optimized & Inspired® life as a woman!

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