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Embrace the Present & Enrich Your Life

January 28, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


How many times have you arrived at your destination and not been able to recall the exact route you took to get there? What about your last conversation – can you remember the main points the other person made? Did you give them your undivided attention or were you either lost in your own thoughts or crafting your response ahead of time?

We all know that feeling of not being fully engaged with the task at hand or the person in front of us. From family obligations to work responsibilities, we are pulled in multiple directions daily, hourly and sometimes even minute-to-minute.  While we do our best to give everything our attention we wind up giving nothing our full attention, which often leaves us with a nagging sensation of guilt or unfinished business.

What if instead you decided to make a conscious decision to change your patterns and be in the moment 100%? Below are three steps you can take to create significant change in the way you experience and impact each and every day of your life.

1. Pause Before You Begin

Start your conversations with a deep breath to clear the air and distractions so you’re better able to focus your attention on the person you’re speaking with in the moment.  What are they saying to you? What is it that they need? Listen closely, let this be their time – your turn will come. Something as simple as pausing before you engage with another person will allow you to be more powerfully present. 

2. Cultivate More Meaningful Relationships

When someone needs you, be there for them. Put away your phone and paperwork, turn off the TV and look at the person in front of you. This person is most likely coming to you for help, guidance, support or friendship. They’ve chosen you to turn to. Cultivate more meaningful relationships in your life by simply being here – now.

3. Focus Fully & Make a Bigger Impact

Watch what becomes possible when you are completely present to the moments of your day. What effect do you have on the people in your life, the tasks you’ve taken on or the goals you’ve set for yourself? By giving 100% of your attention to those around you, you not only magnify your impact in their lives but you are now showing up more fully and experiencing your own life more powerfully . Everyone benefits, especially you! 

Here’s to embracing the present and enriching your life!

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