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Detox 101: Get the Junk Out & Feel the Difference

January 13, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


After weeks of office parties, family gatherings, gift baskets, rich foods, and late nights – starting the New Year off feeling well-rested, balanced, fit, and optimized for peak performance can be quite the challenge.  Below are 3 steps you can take to course correct and reclaim your physical and mental well-being.

1. Recalibrate Your Eating

The holidays tend to present a smorgasbord of less-than-ideal food options, albeit delicious. Weeks of indulgence can sideline you and leave you feeling lackluster, sluggish, and overweight.  This is not the effect your food is supposed to have on your body. By its very nature, food is designed to fuel your body and help it perform at its peak.  Think about what happens if you put the wrong type of fuel in your car, issues are bound to surface. The same is true with your body, except that oftentimes it may take longer for you to start to feel unwell and the signals may be more subtle.  Think of a Detox as a tune-up for your body. A chance to make up for that less-than-healthy holiday eating and stem the tide of sub-par foods, which in turn allows your body to strike a new balance and begin to repair itself.

2. Reset Your System

Environmental toxins are, unfortunately, everywhere – whether in the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the buildings we spend time in.  Did you know that oftentimes the air in your home is more toxic and the air outside because of construction materials used, newly purchased furniture, floor finishes, etc.?  Simply opening your windows and airing out your home can be hugely beneficial.  Consider a Detox an “opening” of your body’s windows and airing everything out.  This is a very powerful way to hit the reset button and to allow your body to handle environmental toxins in a much more efficient and optimized way so that the residual buildup is lessened.  The reality is that while we can minimize our toxic environmental exposure, it can be close to impossible to avoid toxins altogether.  Having an annual or semi-annual Detox regimen can do wonders for your well-being.

3. Choose a Method That’s Right For You

Not all detoxification methods are equal.  Some are more in-depth, challenging, personalized, or safe and effective than others. It’s important to listen to your body, consider your lifestyle, and focus on your goals when selecting a program.  I learned early on that a Detox for working professionals cannot be strictly a juice fast. For that reason, healthy, nutritious, wholefood meals are the cornerstone of the Wellness Reboot I have created. Our focus is on increased energy, improved sleep, enhanced focus, and jump-starting weight loss.  In addition, my program is very personalized, supportive, and effective.

Ready to boost your performance, jumpstart your energy & mental clarity and optimize your well-being in 2016? Learn more about our 15-Day Wellness Reboot January 17th – 31st! Registration closes this Friday, January 15th – call us at: 303-628-5587 to reserve your spot!

Here’s to a healthy and successful 2016!

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