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5 Secrets to Shifting Your Perspective

June 7, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


Nothing slows productivity faster than when we hit a road block in the creative process, draw a blank, or develop writer’s block. When things aren’t working or trouble arises – rather than step back and shift our perspective we tend to “white knuckle” it and grasp for control.  Peak Performance coaching is about helping you maximize your personal & professional performance and providing you with the tools necessary to “hack” or shortcut your journey to reaching your goals.  So what do you do when you hit that road block or can’t seem to problem solve a situation?  Below are five powerful secrets to jumpstarting your productivity and results when you hit that proverbial bump in the road.

1. Clear Your Mind

One of the first tricks to shifting your perspective powerfully is to free up “head-space” by doing what I lovingly refer to with clients as a “brain dump.” It is impossible for thoughts to rearrange themselves in new and creative ways and to yield brilliant solutions if you are in a state of being overwhelmed or feeling mentally stagnant.  The secret is to set aside 15 minutes, use a timer if necessary, to sit with a blank piece of paper and literally write out everything that comes to mind around three key topics.


Spend five minutes on each of the following:

  • Your Personal To Do List: Everything you can think of that’s been passing through your mind
  • Your “Stuck” Project To Do List: Everything that requires your time and attention to make it happen
  • Your “Where I’m Stuck” List: Everything that’s not working for you about your current experience

2. Change Your Location

Relocating geographically even within the context of a physical room can help shift your perspective – I use this technique when I coach clients to spur breakthroughs. If you are feeling particularly “stuck” – take your work outdoors or seek out another setting that is different enough that it will “disrupt” your usual routine and allow you to perceive your dilemma from a different vantage point, literally.

3. Brainstorm With a Trusted Ally

Blind spots are a natural part of daily life. We experience them when we attempt to navigate both our personal and professional lives in tandem or simultaneously. We cannot be experts in every arena – that is why working with a Peak Performance coach can help you reach your goals in far less time than you would otherwise. If a coach is not available to you, reach out to a trusted ally and share the challenge that you are looking to overcome. Explain to them in broad strokes the approaches you have taken in the past – what worked and what didn’t work. Next is the most important part, brainstorm with your peer and preferably have them take notes. You may be surprised by the sheer range of possibilities you are now able to access that were previously “off limits” or “unavailable” to you.

4. Let it Simmer

When all else fails, take a step back and shift your attention to other tasks. Taking a mental and physical break from focusing intently on a particular problem or situation allows your mind and body to recover and to perform more optimally. We’ve all heard about or experienced the equivalent of suddenly having a breakthrough while in the shower or participating in a completely unrelated activity. Lessening the pressure allows our mind to make associations that are normally inaccessible to us and be far more creative than when the stakes are high.

5. Look for the Lessons

Life does not always evolve according to plan. In fact, oftentimes we may arrive at a particular desired outcome in a completely unexpected way. That’s OK. Challenges and detours happen. When you’re confronted by adversity and feel like you’ve lost track of where you were originally headed – look for the lessons. Turning your negative experience into a positive one will allow you to grow significantly and integrate all of the changes. In identifying and appreciating the gifts you’ve gleaned from a particular experience you will start to show up in your life more authentically. You will know yourself better and understand your inner workings and strengths more deeply. Once you begin to fully tap into and unleash your talents and gifts, your ability to problem solve and think creatively will grow exponentially, as will your ability to powerfully shift your perspective.

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Here’s to powerfully shifting your perspective & boosting your performance!

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