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3 Tips to Thrive More Powerfully… As a Man

March 14, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


Gentlemen, I am not a man therefore I cannot write this article from a male perspective… that being said, I am a Peak Performance Coach who has worked with many men, and a woman with a tremendous amount of respect for your impressive accomplishments, wonderful qualities, and hero-like attributes.

What I have observed and learned through life experience and years of coaching is that some of you secretly feel underappreciated, isolated, and unseen. While you may not openly admit to this, at times, you feel oppressed and “sucked dry” by the pressures of life, its disappointments and responsibilities.  And behind the successful and bullet-proof exterior, lies a man with a softer side. A man who once upon a time was a little boy that felt a sense of awe, trust, and excitement about the world. This boy, now an adult, wistfully wonders where that part of his youthful enthusiasm went.

Gentlemen, it’s time to reclaim that part of you and to re-emerge as a more energized and inspired version of yourself.  Below are three of my favorite tips to help you boost your Peak Performance and support you in powerfully accomplishing your goals:

1. You are Your Greatest Asset

Regardless of your past accomplishments – as a Peak Performance Coach I can guarantee you that if your body is out-of-sync your personal and professional performance are suffering. So much more becomes possible when you begin to prioritize the right things – focus on optimizing your sleep, exercise, diet, mindset, and stress levels. Additionally, learning how to maximize the components of your physical and mental bandwidth is critical to your success.

2. Plug into Something Bigger

Whether it be spending time in nature, deepening a spiritual practice, or pursuing a hobby you enjoy – unplugging from the chaos and minutia of daily life and losing yourself in something bigger is essential to your well-being.  Your time “away” from responsibilities and obligations will help fuel your productivity, creativity, lower your stress levels and enhance your sense of overall satisfaction.  There is no limit as to what a happier, healthier, and more revitalized you can accomplish.

3. Look Back at the Younger You

Yes, you have a softer side, and believe it or not – this part of you is the keeper of tremendous wisdom, insight, and endless inspiration.  Spend time cultivating this aspect of yourself.  Who is the younger version of you that existed before you put on all of your armor and learned to navigate the world as a man?  What did he want? What made him happy? Excited? Curious? Playful? Think back to moments in your life when you felt time slow to a complete stop and you were just simply there, basking in the moment, and completely present. Who were you with? What were you doing? In those time-stopping moments lie the answers to what replenishes you and feels effortless. Seek out and make a point of incorporating these types of experiences back into your life whenever possible. As you do this more often you will begin to feel re-energized, inspired and alive – this is peak performance at its best!

Here’s to thriving and showing up more powerfully in the world!

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