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3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Next Snow Day

January 21, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


It’s that time of year, again, when snow days are happening all over the Northern Hemisphere on a regular basis.  Rather than feel frustrated or trapped by not being able to leave your home, I invite you to create a deeply enjoyable experience for yourself – one that will leave you feeling satisfied, rejuvenated, and ahead of the game.  Here are three of my favorite tips to help you make the most of your next snow day!

1. Set Yourself Up for Success

It’s no secret that winter can be challenging from a commuting standpoint.  If you have a project deadline on the calendar and you know ahead of time that you may be stuck at home due to inclement weather – equip yourself.  Create a makeshift office and gather the tools necessary to be up and running even if a snowstorm hits unexpectedly. Preparing also includes stocking up your refrigerator and pantry with healthy food, snacks, and hot beverages you and your family can enjoy if you’re snowed in.  Set yourself up for success ahead of time so that you can feel more in control, relaxed, and ready to adapt!

2. Maximize Your Time

Just because you are stuck indoors for a day or two does not mean you are destined to fall behind.  Far from it.  A snow day is the perfect time to catch up on home projects, everyday chores, or even the administrative tasks you have been putting off.  If you are home and work is calling – make sure to set a timer so you can step away from your designated work-space and enjoy the productivity enhancing benefits of taking regular breaks.

3. Savor Your Experience

Remember that snow days are generally enforced for safety reasons – keeping this in mind will help stave off some of the frustration you may feel at having to switch your schedule around at the last minute. Quickly adapting to changing circumstances will allow you to powerfully refocus your energy towards creating a new and more enjoyable experience for yourself. Are you craving a little rest and relaxation or feeling as though you don’t get to play as much as you would like with your children?  Great, then there’s no better time than the present to begin catching up on what you’ve been missing!

Here’s to making the most of your next snow day!

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