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3 Powerful Benefits of One-on-One Coaching

March 24, 2016 ‐ Sylvaine HughsonPosted by ‐ Under: Peak Performance


As a Peak Performance Coach I’ve had conversations with thousands of individuals who know exactly what to do, say, eat, think, and feel. In fact, they have all of their professional and personal bases covered. Yet, somewhere they still feel like something is either missing or “off.” This is the exact point in time where working with a high-level Peak Performance Coach can drive big changes and even bigger results. If you’re feeling dissatisfied, challenged, frustrated, restless, or simply want more – then you will, very likely, benefit from working with a powerful coach.

Here are three of the top reasons one-on-one coaching may benefit you tremendously:

1. Coaching Fast-Tracks Your Process

There are two ways to accomplish goals in life – the slow way or the fast way.  This may sound familiar – you spend the next 2 to 5 years researching everything you need to know about how to “hack” your process and do your best to implement it on your own in the hopes that you succeed (the slow way).  Conversely, you hire a professional whose unique training, expertise, and experience streamline your process and deliver the answers and resources you need at exactly the right time (the fast way).  Peak Performance One-on-One Coaching provides you with the focused, personalized attention to shortcut your journey and achieve your personal and professional goals.  

2. Master Your Mindset

From an evolutionary standpoint, our brain is wired to protect us and ensure our survival.  As odd as it may seem in today’s world of comforts, business objectives, etc. that primal part of ourselves is still very much at work and can lead to performance damaging self-sabotage.  Have you ever gotten close to having something that you really wanted and then watched yourself back out, suddenly, for no apparent reason other than it felt safer to do so?  That is the survival part of your brain at work.


Having a coach by your side helps you minimize those instances and take your self-sabotaging survival instincts “off-line” at key points to ensure your success.  This is not about ignoring your gut instincts or being untrue to yourself in anyway – it’s just the opposite – this is about learning to be more powerful and fearless than ever before. Working with a Peak Performance coach equips you with your unique “owner’s manual” so that you have the tools and insights necessary to reach your goals in the fastest and most effective way possible.  

3. Accountability is Everything

Knowing that you want to accomplish something and then actually accomplishing it are two very different things. Having a highly qualified coach by your side will ensure that you see your goals through to the end and achieve the bold results you desire.  Breaking your ambitious objectives down into strategic actionable steps with the support of a Peak Performance coach will also help you stay focused and move forward with maximum efficiency.  

Here’s to supporting you in powerfully achieving your goals!

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